We are Campervan Coffee Roasters!

2 cup o' joes with extraordinary dreams and a pursuit to live life to the fullest. Campervan Coffee was a vision in 2017 when we bought our first VW to restore and while learning to roast our own coffee beans as a hobby. The VW= the vessel and inspiration to get out on the road more, to explore, camp, soak up nature and have some fun before we get too old. Our love for amazing coffee outgrew the boundaries of what was offered on the grocery store shelf and once you have good quality coffee that was roasted within 48 hours, you just can't go back to stale bitter burnt grounds. The wheels started turning both on the VW and in our brains to make Campervan Coffee a reality. 
Diana's background: Born in Illinois, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Graduate, Event Coordinator for the PGA Tour for 10 years, Travel/tour guide and Coffee Farmer at Kona Coffee in Hawaii
Jon's background: Born in Atlanta, The University of Southern Mississippi Graduate, Graphic Designer for 16 years, vintage car enthusiast/mechanic.
Over the years we have sourced what we consider to be some of the best coffee beans in the world from farms we are proud to work with and represent. We have roasted and experimented with hundreds of beans from different countries and farms at all levels of quality. A coffee is added to the Campervan Coffee Collection when it stands out as unique and memorable! 
Every decision we make is carefully evaluated, and discussed to make sure we are staying authentic and genuine to our goals for this business and the products we offer. We want Campervan Coffee to last forever and are so excited to see where we travel to with it. This business has given us an outlet to create something that makes us happy, proud and completely engaged and learning. That is all you can really ask for on this crazy little journey called life. We are not a full-service coffee/food truck with a brick and mortar and have no plans of going that route. We love being mobile! We are a coffee bean pop-up shop at local farmer's markets and events. Most of our business is done online in which we ship fresh coffee all over the country and fulfill monthly coffee subscriptions.  We love it just being the 2 us. There is only so much you can do with 2 people and that's totally ok with us right now. We also really cherish our partners and supporters that help us share our products! 
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our favorite coffees with you. We hope that if you grab a bag of our fresh roasted coffee, brew it your favorite method, and find a good view to enjoy it! Our motto has always been from the beginning: fresh roasted coffee with an aroma to start your engine + flavor to fuel your adventures! 
☀️coffee for the curious adventurer☀️
We want to practice what we preach, and we hope that when you drink our coffee you know it comes from a place and from people that put their heart and soul into offering you an experience that will make you smile! We work hard every day to stay inspired, to stay curious and we hope the same for our coffee friends and customers. 
Whether you have stopped by an event or ordered coffee online, thank you! We do this because we love it, and everything goes right back into the business so that we can continue to offer the best coffee experience.
We know you have many options, and we appreciate your support when you choose Campervan Coffee Roasters.
From our cup to yours, cheers! ☕️
Diana and Jon


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